15 Brilliant Pictures That Display The Irony In Our Daily Lives

When was the last time you saw something that was truly ironic? For some people, they see it all the time. It’s not because they run into it more often than other people, it’s the fact that they continue to look for it and when you look for it, you will see the irony in many areas of life. At times, you may find that you are going through your normal day and you notice something that is so out of the ordinary that you just have to stop and take a picture of it.

People have always seen these types of ironic moments but today, they are able to do something about it. We have the technology that allows us to snap a picture without even thinking about it and within moments, we have uploaded it to social media and are sharing it with the world. That is where these pictures came from and they are so hilarious, they are going to have you laughing out loud from the beginning till the end.

1. What does the sign say?

We realize that you are telling the humans not to feed him but he took it upon himself to have a little snack.

2. They take it literally

I get my news on the web for a reason

3. This is

Why would you put the quote on a piece of stone? Whoever did this was obviously either being ironic on purpose or they just weren’t thinking.

4. Maybe he’s eating fast

It’s one thing to read a book about fasting but another thing to do it.

5. They should improve the sign

I think they need to take some of their own medicine

6. So different

You need to live the shirt, not just wear it

7. Should take your own advice

The irony is painful in this one. Don’t take shortcuts.

8. Planning is everything

You would think that a college that teaches architecture and planning would at least be able to plan the sign properly.

9. A psychic?

You would’ve thought he saw it coming

10. Are they really the best?

Perhaps they should have taught them how to spell

11. Freedom?

Did you know that American freedom was made in China?

12. Oh my

Not only are you showing your lack of intelligence, you are showing it for the world to see.

13. I think they are confused

Tell us one thing and then tell us another

14. Looks sticky

I would’ve been upset over this one

15. Yeah

I think the sign was a little bit premature in thanking them.

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