14 Signs That Prove You Can’t Live Without Your Dog

If you have a dog as part of your family, you probably are experiencing the same thing that everybody else with a dog is experiencing; you have the most awesome dog in the world. I’m sure that we have all felt that way and sometimes, we may even voice it out loud to others. We spend the majority of our time with our dogs, post pictures of them on Facebook and we might even make up a voice for the dog, so we can actually have a conversation with them.

There is no doubt that dogs are loyal and loving and we couldn’t imagine not having them as part of our household. That being said, there are some times when people take things a little bit too far and become obsessed with their dogs. I’m sure that you may have wondered this yourself but how do you know if you are only slightly obsessed or if you are actually suffering from a full out obsession? These 14 signs can help you to know the difference and alert you to a potential problem. Then again, it’s not like we’re going to change how we feel about our dogs! LOL

1. You talk to them like a real person

Many of us talk to ourselves but how much better is it to actually talk to your dog? If you wander around the house talking to your pet as if they understand every word that you are saying, you might be obsessed.

2. You pamper them just like a child

You may not adorn your dog with Nike tennis shoes like you see in this picture, but how many toys and trinkets do you buy for your dog? Of course, they deserve it but I’m just saying…

3. You pay the extra security deposit

When you have a dog, there are going to be times when things get ruined. Those who are obsessed with their dogs pay the extra money to insure things in advance, just in case.

4. They dine on the finest food

We are all interested in what we feed ourselves but when you’re obsessed with a dog, you make sure that they have the finest foods as well. Yes, it is important to feed them a healthy diet but what does that include?

5. They are in family portraits

If you find that your dog is constantly making it into the family photo album as part of the family, it either means that they are part of the family or that you are obsessed over them.

6. You pay more for their grooming than your own

We know that dogs are fantastic but the full treatment from a dog groomer can be a bit expensive. For those who are obsessed with their dogs, there is no limit.

7. They are your background picture

If you find that your dog is making it into all of your background pictures on your computer, phone and social media profiles, you may just be obsessed.

8. You arrange doggie play dates

We often set up play dates for the kids but do you do it for your dog? They need interaction but the choice to go outside of the family unit is one that may signal an obsession.

9. You look for the most qualified dog sitter

How much research does it take to find a quality dog sitter for when you’re out of town?

10. You have a selection of dog treats on your counter.

When people come to your home and see your kitchen, do they see a number of dog treats available for your furry friend? Make sure that they don’t grab one as a snack while they are visiting.

11. Toys are everywhere

If you find that toys are scattered across the floor and you have a difficulty walking across the room without tripping on one, you may be obsessed over the dog.

12. You are always covered in hair

People who truly obsess over their dogs love being covered in pet hair.

13. You don’t know what it’s like to sleep alone

Have you ever bought a bigger bed so that your dogs can enjoy it as well?

14. You can’t remember life before the dog

And you probably won’t ever see a day without a dog in your life.

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