Zoo Staff Captures The Moment That A Mama Panda’s Mothering Instincts Kick In

The mothering instinct is something that is built into all creatures. Some species may handle it differently than others, but it is still something that is automatic. It allows for each of those species to continue to carry on and to propagate. Without that instinct, no species would survive very long. Even though that is the case, there are times when people may worry about the animals that are under their care and whether they will show that mothering instinct in a natural way or if it must be prompted in some way or another.

After a panda named Min Min had a healthy baby panda, the doctors became concerned quickly. Pandas will bond immediately with their young after the birth takes place in the wild but things didn’t go quite the same at the zoo. The doctors wanted to examine the baby panda to make sure that it was healthy and would be able to survive. Since the panda mother was separated from her young at such an early age, they were concerned that she would end up rejecting the newborn and would never form that bond that tends to be so strong between the two.

After the baby panda was examined by zoo staff and doctors, they realized that it was happy and healthy. They wanted to carefully remove the scent that they may have left behind on the baby because it could cause rejection from the panda mother. That was when the big moment came and they were wondering if the baby would be rejected or if a bond would take place.

The cameras were focused on the mother panda when the baby was released into the cage. They were waiting to see what type of reaction they would get and they didn’t have to wait very long. At first, Min Min didn’t seem to react kindly to the new baby being in the cage and they were afraid that rejection had taken place. A number of tricks were tried to see if they could get the mother to realize that the baby was hers and that is when it happened. See it for yourself in the following video: