Zoo Gorilla Manages To Connect With A Mother And The Protective Glass Doesn’t Stop Her

There may be many relationships that we have in life but there is nothing quite like the relationship that we have with our mother. From the time we are very young and perhaps even little babies, we begin to look to our mother for everything that we could possibly need. At the same time, mothers have a natural instinct and they show us love in ways that we will never experience in other relationships in our lives. It’s something beautiful to see and when we experience it for ourselves, we realize that we are in the best position when we are nearby to them.

Perhaps that is what makes the following story so amazing. We often think about the love that a human mother has for her child but what about animals? In the following story, a man and his wife were at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston when the most amazing thing happened. They had gone to the gorilla enclosure and the father, Austin, saw that the mother gorilla inside of the enclosure. Kiki was also with her young baby, a seven month old gorilla named Pablo.

This would’ve been an interesting story all on its own but when Austin’s wife went over to show Kiki their own baby, it was something that nobody who saw it is ever going to forget. Not only was Kiki interested in the little child, she also grabbed Pablo and carried him over so that they can interact with each other.

Life is beautiful and things like this really help us to see that, although there may be differences between humans and animals, there are also many similarities.

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