Voodoo Is A Leopard That Loves Getting His Morning Massage

There are many pleasures that we can enjoy in life but one that we don’t do often enough is simply lounging around and enjoying a lazy morning. Most of us tend to hit the ground running as soon as the alarm clock goes off, not wanting to waste a single moment or perhaps getting up just a little late and rushing off to work. In either case, we are missing out on the ability to relax and take a little bit of time in the morning for ourselves. Admittedly, it can’t happen every day but it is something that we should set aside time for because it can do us a lot of good.

For those of us who live busy lives, we sometimes desire to have those moments but we aren’t able to carve out the time for them. Perhaps that is why we love cats so much, because it seems as if they are able to enjoy a good stretch and a little ‘me time’ whenever they feel like it. We may even feel as if we are living vicariously through them, and if that is the case with you, you are going to love this video. After all, it shows a lounging leopard named Voodoo that is doing what we would all love to do.

If you have ever watched a cat lounging and perhaps given them a massage, you realize just how much they love life at that very moment. They don’t hide it very well, and that is also true of Voodoo. As you watch the following video, make sure that you turn up the volume so that you can enjoy the entire experience.

It isn’t only the fact that Voodoo is enjoying a morning relaxation session, he is even getting a special massage from Steve Klein, the senior keeper. It’s an absolutely precious moment, and as you listen and watch it for yourself, you will begin thinking about the next time you can do the same thing.