This Owl Is Just About To Get A Squirt Bottle Bath But Wait Till You See Him React

There is probably something that all of us have experienced but very few people have ever talked about it before. When you are taking a shower, you are absolutely surrounded by water but it is water for bathing, not necessarily water for drinking. I know what you’re thinking; it’s the same water that comes out of the kitchen faucet but let’s face it, there is something a little unsavory about drinking out of the shower. Imagine if you had a nice cool drink while you were in the shower. That would be very refreshing.

As you are about to see, this is something that many individuals would appreciate. It extends beyond us humans to the animal kingdom, including this little owl, Curbie. Like any animal, he needs to hydrate on a regular basis but he likes killing two birds with one stone (forgive the pun). He gets a bath and a drink at the exact same time and it is so cute, the entire Internet is breathing a collective sigh of love for this little bird.

“This owl named Curbie flew to his owner asked for something to drink. Curbie’s owner used a spray bottle to give him some water to drink,” the video’s caption reads. “Curbie then decided that he wanted to take a bath, so he spread his wings wide so that his owner could spray his feathers.”

When he flies from the couch to his mom, he makes the cutest little noises. His mom knows what he is saying, he’s thirsty so she holds a spray bottle and gives him a squirt.

After taking a few sips, it’s nap time. He raises his wings above his head so that she can squirt him underneath and get him clean. He then starts spinning in a circle so she doesn’t miss any feathers.

Perhaps the cutest part of the video is when he sticks his little butt out for a squirt. It was at that point that he flies off and the bath/drink is over. This video is going viral and has more than 20 million views. When you see it, you will know why.

People fell in love with Curbie immediately.

“Is it common that an owl sounds like Michael Jackson? Also, does he know how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?” said one commenter.

“Is that a Great Horned Owl? Such a beautiful bird. I have owls hooting all the time. I just set a listen. I will see them flying around. Love it,” said another. “This owl is having a blast. Love seeing animals when they are being taken care of.”

Just wait until you see this video. Be cautious, this little owl will steal your heart:

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