Stray Kitten Shows Up At Man’s Apartment And Decides She Is Never Leaving

If there is one thing that the internet has taught us, it is the fact that people are crazy about cats. It doesn’t matter if it is their own pet or if they are watching one cat video after another, they just can’t seem to get enough of it. A few years ago, we may have called these people ‘crazy cat ladies’ but we have come to learn that you don’t have to be crazy to have a thing for felines. In fact, I would venture to say that they are in some of the most popular internet pictures and videos in existence.

When you have a cat in your life, you quickly realize that they are more than a pet, they are a part of the family. They just seem to come into your life and work their way into your heart. That is what one man in Northern California discovered, even though he wasn’t expecting it. You see, a stray kitten wandered into his apartment and he was kind enough to share some tuna with her. Before long, she decided that she wasn’t going to leave ever again.

Adam Laigo was enjoying playing games with friends. They had gone outside to take a break and watched as a little kitten walked right up to the door and tried to get inside.

“I was making food when one of my roommates said, ‘hey, there’s a cat here.’ I peeked around the corner and she was cautiously making her way a few feet into the door, sniffing the ground while keeping a watchful eye on us,” Adam said.

The little kitten was a little frightened but Adam grabbed some tuna to make her feel better.

“I couldn’t just let a stray kitten that came in, go back out, if I had the chance to help.”

When he found the kitten, he was able to coax her out with food. She was hungry so she followed him right into the kitchen. She loved the tuna and ate it as soon as he put it down. You can see it later in this post.

It wasn’t long before the little calico was snuggling up with her new friends. Her new human companion fell in love and called her Tuna.

“I gave her a shower after seeing how many fleas she had. That night, she slept in my bed, and every night since then. She’s already taken to sleeping under the blankets with me.”

He took the kitten to the vet for treatment. She was treated for fleas, worms, and parasites. They also looked for a microchip but couldn’t find one. Adam knew that the cat was now his.

“Tuna has chosen her forever home… And she’s teaching me how much energy one little gal can fit in to the few hours she’s awake each day.”

Tuna is very playful and has lots of energy.

“She loves climbing around on the forts I made out of boxes, but her favorite thing to do is definitely playing fetch with her catnip mice. I’ll throw them up the stairs or into the kitchen, and she’ll run after them and bring them back after an enthusiastic ‘Get it, Tuna!'”

She loves to cuddle and gets her snuggles in every day.

“At times, you can see the kitten in her as she bolts around the house and up the stairs at top speed. But she’s a sweetheart and loves sleeping under the blanket. She’ll let me know it’s time for bed by plopping in between me and my phone until I put it away,” Adam said.

“She’s inquisitive, calm and affectionate most of the time but an energetic playful kitten at any other time.”

Adam had always considered having a pet but he didn’t expect a little kitten to work her way into his life. They love playing fetch, going for walks and cuddling every night.

“The stray kitten is gone and the new and improved happy-go-lucky kitten with a family is here,” Adam said.

“She’s really been nothing short of a dream.”

You can watch Tuna in this video:

Source: Love Meow