Stray Cat Sneaks Into Zoo And Becomes BFF With Wild Lynx

Cats often get a bad rep for not being as openly friendly as dogs. However, when this exploring puss decided to put on her walking shoes and wandered into a zoo, little did she know she would find her best friend forever.

The calico was a stray, who after sneaking into the zoo, decided to check out the lynx enclosure.

Now, folks, a lynx may look like a big house cat, but they are definitely wild animals, so you would be forgiven if you thought this story ended badly for the stray. However, the wild lynx actually came to love the little calico kitty. The lynx licked the smaller feline, and soon they became the best of friends. However, the zookeepers in St. Petersburg feared for the stray cat’s safety and promptly removed her from the enclosure.

However, to their surprise, the kitty was back in the lynx enclosure the next day after sneaking back into the zoo. So, they allowed the adorable pair of friends to stay together. Since then, thousands of visitors came to see the unlikely friendship, and became the stars of the St. Petersberg Zoo! Linda the lynx and the newly-named Dusya were an inseparable pair. Following their chance meeting in 2007, the zoo continued releasing photos and videos of the pair.

They soon grew a massive fan following, and their pictures and videos garnered thousands of likes on social media. Seven years later, the zoo released an absolutely adorable video of the pair grooming each other. They still live in harmony and enjoy a very happy friendship.

Aren’t they just the cutest?

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