Soldier Goes To Adopt A Shelter Dog But Ends Up With A Cat Instead

There are two different types of people in this world, those who love dogs and those who love cats. Although there may be some crossover in those two groups, we often see that people stand on one side or the other. They would even argue over which is better, which many of us find silly, especially if we have had both a dog and a cat in our life. At times, however, people are willing to step outside of their normal way of thinking and they end up winning as a result of it.

The man in this story went to a shelter to adopt a dog. He really didn’t even think about cats, after all, he always considered himself to be a dog person. The strange thing was, when he arrived at the shelter, all of the dogs had already been adopted and were on their way to their forever homes. He was saddened that he couldn’t get a dog but he was also happy that they found the family they so richly deserved.

“I was in Virginia for some training. At this specific time, a pretty large snow was blowing through. When I was on my way home I heard on the radio that a shelter called Richmond Animal League was looking for temporary/permanent homes for all of their animals, as the staff expected to get snowed in,” Spamwisejamkey an Imgur user said.

A woman who worked for the shelter took him to the kitten room to help him find a new friend. He didn’t really have any particular feelings toward those cats, so she took him back out to the lobby where there were some other younger animals. He was going to go back home but then he saw a kitten named Marbles who was in a cage in the back of the room. He seemed to like the kitten, so the woman told him he could hold her.

“I opened the cage, picked her up and that was it. She started meowing the most pathetic little chirps as she pushed her face to the brim of my cap (this is when they got the picture), only to be backed by a rumble of purring. I turned into a huge sap,” he said.

“I didn’t like or ever want cats before this. Simply put; I shook my head with a nod of acceptance, put her back in the cage for a brief moment while I did the paperwork, and got ready to take her home. They didn’t have pups, but they did have my best bud. I was not a cat guy, but I guess you could say I’m a cat guy now.”

He didn’t get the puppy that he wanted but he did get a sweet cat who is now his best friend. He gave her a new name, Barb. She is now a beautiful, sweet cat that has a forever home.

The man didn’t stop at only adopting Barb, he also adopted Rupert, a dog. They are best friends.

Two years have passed since Barb and Rupert were adopted and they share a very close bond with each other. It’s nice to know that they have a forever home.

Source: Paws Planet