Postman Is Caught On Hidden Camera Saying Hello To A Dog

When it comes to dogs and postman, they don’t often get along. Of course, they may not tussle but they don’t exactly see eye to eye in most cases. Perhaps you have a dog that enjoys barking at the postman as he walks by. What you may not realize is that this happens for a very specific reason. Some experts feel as if dogs bark at the postman because when the postman comes, he ends up leaving. The dog feels as if his barking is doing the job so he continues to do it with gusto.

Although many dogs don’t get along with the postman, that isn’t always the case. In fact, there are times when a beautiful friendship can be born between these two strange bedfellows. If you don’t believe me, then you have to see the following video. It is going to touch your heart, regardless of whether you have a dog or not in your life. After all, there’s just something about watching the love between a human and an animal that puts our mind at ease.

In order to take this video, a hidden camera was set up in New Zealand. It seems as if the postal carrier would come by every day to take a break and visit the dog on his route. This isn’t something that only happened once, it seems as if he would stop by every single day to say hello to the dog. That was even true if there weren’t any packages to deliver to the home!

Some postmen may come and go and at times, they may go very quickly to get away from a dog that is barking at them. As you watch this video, you will tell that stereotypes can be broken and they can be broken in the most adorable way.

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