Most People Think Sphinx Cats Are Weird And Ugly But That’s Just Because You Haven’t Seen These 17 Pictures

The Internet has changed the way that many of us spend our spare time. If you were to take a look around you at any given time, you would probably see everybody staring at their phones. Many of them are checking their email, looking at their social media feed or perhaps browsing the Internet and there is something that goes on many times with those people. They tend to look at cats and when they do, they will go out of their way to jump from one picture and video to another, looking for the most adorable cats they can find.

Just like anything in life, there are many different personalities and types of cats that exist. Some of them are going to be more to your liking than others but one type of cat that often comes up on the radar is the sphinx cat. At first glance, they have some rather unusual looks but if you look beneath the surface, you might just be surprised with what you see. As it turns out, the sphinx cat is one of the most adorable breeds and we have the 17 pictures here to prove it.

1. What an unusual color

2. Imagine waking up to that face

3. Cute little triplets

4. Hello there

5. Living up to the name

6. Those ears are amazing

7. Perfecting the head tilt

8. Dead tired

9. All those wrinkles

10. So stylish

11. The prettiest eyes

12. Cute little paws

13. Alien eyes

14. Staring right into you

15. I just want to squish him

16. Tiny and perfect

17. I love her