Mom Captures The Hilarious Moment Her Dog Starts Playing The Piano

Have you ever seen a video of a musical prodigy? It is quite amazing because these young ones can step up to the musical instrument and begin playing it without any prior practice. When they do get their practice in, they do some amazing performances but considering the fact that they were able to do it naturally is certainly amazing. We may even seek out new talent in such a way, but there is one that you may overlook, unless you are looking in the right direction.

I’d like to introduce you to Sadie, a beautiful German Shepherd mix who has a rather unique talent. She is able to play the piano, proving the fact that you don’t have to be a human being in order to be a prodigy. Sadie walks up to the bench, hops up and begins playing right away. When you see her perform, you can’t help but smile but it is not only the performance, it is also the stage presence that really makes her a star.

Sadie is six years old and she is a mix of a border collie and German Shepherd. In 2009, she was adopted from an animal shelter and is absolutely loving her forever family.

When it comes to spending time with humans, Sadie is second to none. She is quick to learn any new tricks or skills that are put in front of her but recently, she has been putting her efforts into playing the piano.

Sadie lives in Edmonton in Alberta, Canada. When you watch the video, you will hear her human mom asking her to go to the organ and she does it without question. She even turns the electric organ on and starts to play the keys with her paws.

When Sadie hits a clunker note, her mom asks if she made a mistake and Sadie responds by putting her paw over her face. Apparently, she is conscientious about her performance.

There is no doubt that you are going to fall in love with this dog immediately. She is adorable and obviously, is a people pleaser with a little bit of humor tied in. When she finishes her performance, she takes a bow in a way that only a master would be able to master.

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