Man Wakes Up After Recovering From Surgery With A Cat Snuggling Him. He Doesn’t Own A Cat.

I’m sure that you have probably heard that laughter is the best medicine but it seems as if a snuggle may be a close second. That is the truth according to a man named Andrew Falloon, whose father was just out of surgery and a surprise guest happened to wander into his room. His wife had gone out and the door was open slightly. The man was recovering and was sound asleep and a cat was resting on the bed next to him. The thing is, the man doesn’t own a cat!

Most of us who have a cat in our lives would appreciate how nice it is to have them snuggle up with us every once in a while. It seems as if it isn’t only something that helps us to feel better emotionally, it may also have some therapeutic benefit for us physically as well. This man was fresh out of surgery and a cat wandered in to make him feel a little bit better. It is almost as if the feline realized he needed a snuggle that day.

They still don’t know where the cat came from but they are glad he was there.

Of course, Twitter is the best place to post anything about random cat snuggles. The story has gone viral.

Some of the users have even started sharing their own pictures.

Andrew’s father is not about to start blogging about cats anytime soon. His father doesn’t necessarily love cats but he is coming around.

In addition, he doesn’t know what Twitter is.

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