Friendly Seal Decides To Hitch A Ride On A Group Of Passing Paddleboarders

When it comes to enjoying the world around us, there are many things out there that can really add to our appreciation of our home. It doesn’t matter if it is going to a national park and enjoying the view or perhaps just staying in and looking out the window at what is in our local area. In either case, there is certain to be something that you can enjoy, but whenever animals are involved, it can increase our enjoyment in a wonderful way. Most of us enjoy animals because we have them in our home but at times, we may also get the opportunity to enjoy them in the wild.

What do you do when a wild animal comes up to you while you are out enjoying some time in the wild? In most cases, you are told not to interact with them and there may be times when you have specific instructions, such as if you are approached by a bear. When we are in the wild, regardless of whether we are on a river or in the woods, we are in the territory that belongs to the animals, not to us. Sometimes, the wild animals are not all that wild and they may even want to interact with us. That is what happened to Daren Ford and Kerrie Rocket when they were enjoying a day on their paddleboards in West Sussex, England.

As they were out enjoying some time on the water, a curious seal happened to show up. It isn’t unusual to see these animals in the water when you are out in that area, but this seal wanted to get more up close and personal than most. In fact, he came over to one of the paddleboards and pulled himself right up to enjoy the ride.

It seems as if this seal is a well-known inhabitant of the area where they were paddleboarding. Some people have even named him Gavin, because they see him so frequently. This couple had never enjoyed Gavin’s company before, so they were a little nervous at first. Eventually, however, they were able to enjoy having him along for a little visit. Watch it for yourself in this video:

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