Dog’s Hilarious and Heartwarming Reaction When Dad Dresses Up as His Favorite Toy

Do your pets play with toys? My dogs don’t anymore, but some of our cats absolutely love their toys. They seem to like the ones that either smell like catnip or make funny noises. But what happens when we dress up in costumes? Do our dogs recognize us anyhow? And what happens if we dress up as our dog’s favorite toy? The fact is, dogs have a keen sense of smell and they recognize that, not so much the costume of the toy. The dog in the video featured here is a Golden Retriever. Golden Retrievers are one of America’s most popular dog breeds.

They were bred as Scottish gun dogs and they’re gorgeous dogs. Serious workers when they’re doing hunting or fieldwork, these dogs are also amazing as dogs for blind people and work very well in search and rescue. They like obedience and competitive events, and they like the family life a lot. These dogs are muscular and famous for the lustrous golden coats that give them their name. When they’re in motion, these dogs have a powerful and smooth gait and their tails have a “merry action” that moves up and down and to the side. The first early development of this special breed has a long history.

It was at the Guisachan estate of Scotland’s Lord Tweedmouth where they were originally bred from 1835 through 1890. The gamekeepers kept excellent records, which were released to the public in 1952. It’s largely thanks to these records that so much is known about the history of this breed. The records provided solid information to support the stories that had been handed down through oral history through countless generations.


In the funny video below, this sweet dog’s owner dressed up in a costume that’s like the dog’s favorite toy. It’s hard to say if he recognized the toy. Likely he was more puzzled by the costume. Enjoy this fun video.

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