Brave Dog Saves His Kitten Friend By Running Through Fire

Anyone who has a dog in their life realizes that they can do some pretty incredible things. Just the simple fact that they are there for us from one day to the next is more than what any of us could ever have hoped for from such a loving animal. At the same time, however, there are going to be times when we see a dog go above and beyond when it comes to the love that they show. I think that all animals have it in them to do so, but when we see it in action, it’s an amazing thing.

One dog was able to express that love in a very touching way during the 1986 nuclear blast that took place in Chernobyl. We have to look back a number of years to get to that point, but when it did happen, fire began to spread throughout the nearby area of Donetsk City, Ukraine. You could see the flames from miles around and fortunately, most of the local residents had just enough time to gather what little they could and get to safety. When situations like this occur, we sometimes see heroes come out of the ashes and that was exactly what we saw with a very loyal dog.

What began as one man freeing his dog and the rest of his family and running out to the front yard ended up in something that has the ability to touch your heart. What is the first thing that you do when you are in this type of fire? You leave everything behind and make sure of your safety. As it turns out, the owner was staring at his burning home and hoping that his dog would be able to come back. That is when the dog came out of the flames but he was not alone. He had a kitten in his mouth!

During all of the panic of the fire, the family was not able to get the kitten out of the burning home. As it turns out, the dog wasn’t about ready to give things up because they were friends. The two of them would often play together and hang out frequently. It was instinct that the dog would go and get his little friend, even if it meant having to walk through fire in order to do so. The disaster in Chernobyl is a very sad situation but this is one bright spot that we see in it.