Adorable Baby Deer Visits Kind Woman Daily For Free ‘Bottle Service’ And Pets

We all have friends in life, and if you live on a farm or in the country, you may have some really special furry friends. The wildlife in the woods and in people’s yards become well-known to them, almost a part of the family. In most cases, the animals keep their distance, naturally fearful of humans, and rightly so. We tend to hunt animals, and that’s not something any critter wants to get caught up in.

However, one woman has won the heart of a very special animal who comes to visit her every single day. This lady has made a friend with a baby dear, and every day, she goes outside to welcome the adorable little thing. Every day, sometimes more than once a day, she prepares a bottle and goes out to her porch calling “Little girl! Little girl!” until the little deer comes up to the driveway.

Source: YouTube

You won’t believe what happens! The fawn, who appears to be completely tame, runs up out of the woods, happy to see who she clearly believes is her mother. The deer amazingly follows the woman inside, and up the steps into the house, where she gets ready to be hand-fed a bottle. The little deer waits not too patiently for here “mama” to get the bottle ready, then she sucks it down greedily, obviously in bliss. It seems that this has been going on for quite a while because she seems to know exactly what to do.

Source: YouTube

It’s not easy to tame a wild animal, and indeed, we shouldn’t even try. It can give them a sense of security that isn’t necessarily helpful because not every human being is going to have their best interest at heart. Adorably, this woman even wipes off “Little Girl’s” mouth when she’s done with her bottle. Watch this endearing video below.


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