20 Cheeky Dog Photos That Are Sure To Make Your Day Brighter

There are many times when we need something to help us to get through the day. There is no doubt that smiling can have its benefits, but we may find that there is not much to smile about when we are facing a long day at work or difficulties at home. In those cases, we will often turn to our beloved animals to provide us with the pick-me-up that is necessary to get by. That is what these pictures are designed to do.

This compilation of pictures is exactly what is needed for individuals who are going through a degree of sadness or are facing a bad mood. Even if you are severely depressed, it is practically impossible to resist the smiles that come along with seeing a group of little puppies, and even if you don’t smile with your lips, you are sure to smile with your heart. These pictures will provide you with exactly what is necessary, and even if you aren’t feeling sad, they will make you feel even happier.

1. “She has a whole farm where she can sit anywhere, yet she chooses to sit on the cat time and time again.”

2. Parkour, husky style

3. “My co-worker’s puppy fell asleep on her desk. Not much work got done that day.”

4. Sammy loves his ball

5. Be very quiet, I see a squirrel

6. “Told my dog, Ashe, to sit on the log and this is what I got.”

7. It took me a little while to find him

8. He loves his ball, regardless

9. We made a new friend on our walk

10. This is a great resting place

11. “My dog always brings me a shoe whenever I get home.”

12. Bat dog

13. I don’t think he feels guilty

14. Do you think they want me to get the tennis ball?

15. Can’t we just buy all of them?

16. What happens when you play with the charcoal bag

17. “10 seconds after I explained that they weren’t allowed in the water”

18. He was really tired

19. Taking care of the kid

20. “My puppy made some new friends at the dog park today.”

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